Arcadia Central Station & FS Edge Basestation Recovery

FreeSpeak Edge Base Station and Arcadia include a feature that allows field recovery of units in the case of a catastrophic failure.

It is recommended you consult with Clear-Com Technical Support before proceeding to ensure that you have indeed experienced a failure that requires a full base-station recovery.

This procedure will erase any software release and configuration from the unit in order to replace it with a fresh installation. It can be invoked manually or can be initiated automatically in the unlikely event the unit detects a unrecoverable error upon startup. In any case, it still requires manual user interactions to start the actual recovery operation. The complete recovery operation takes about 8 to 9 minutes to complete.

The recovery operation requires a specific binary file to be loaded on a USB stick. Contact Clear-Com Technical Support in order to acquire the proper file version for your product.

How to access recovery mode manually

  1. While keeping pressed the rotary located to the right of the leftmost screen, power-up or pin-reset the unit

  1. Wait until the Status/Speaker/LS Cut LED (depending on your unit type; FSE-Base or Arcadia) slowly flashes (around 5 seconds).  Then release the rotary.

  2. After a few seconds (around 15sec), the recovery text screen will appear.

Recovery sequence

Once the recovery process is initiated, the front displays will show step-by-step instructions to follow in order to set the unit back to its original manufacturing state. The user will navigate between the different screens by pressing the identified rotary button.

Screen #1 (startup issue detected)

This screen will appear only in the unlikely event the unit automatically detects an unrecoverable issue during startup. It is recommended to proceed with a recovery process if powering up the unit always end-up in that screen automatically.

Screen #2 (recovery initial page)

This screen is a reminder to contact Clear-Com Technical Support to get the binary file required for the recovery process. That file will need to be stored on a FAT formatted USB stick and connected to the unit.

Screen #3 (searching for valid recovery file)

This screen appears when the unit is searching for a valid recovery file onto the connected USB stick.

Screen #4 (recovery file not detected)

This screen will appear briefly when no valid recovery binary is detected on the USB stick. Be aware that the filename of the recovery file is also important to be properly detected. The user needs to follow the naming instructions from screen #2.

example file name: AVL-EDG-firmware2.8.83.12-43315.ccf

For the latest recovery file, follow this link:

Screen #5 (confirmation)

This screen is the last confirmation point before the actual recovery begins. A user should confirm the versioning information is right and then press the rotary to acknowledge.

Screen #6 (failure)

Recovery operation might fail if the USB stick is removed during operation. In such case, the following screen will be displayed and the unit will need to be rebooted. As the unit might have been half-programmed, it is recommended to redo the recovery procedure from the start.

Screens #7 and #8 (actual recovery)

Once the recovery operation has started, the user will see multiple traces showing on the screens. This will last between 8 and 9 minutes. Be careful not to remove the USB stick or power during that operation. Otherwise, the unit might end-up half-programmed and will require the recovery procedure to be re-run.

Screens #9 and #10 (completed and rebooting)

This screen will appear once the recovery procedure is completed. It will then require the unit to reboot.


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