ICON: ProGrid PG16-8AE-SRC-FX Error

Questions from Customer: We are install ProGrid now, but it seems PG16-8AE-SRC-FX is fault. <Symptom>AES input to PG16-8AE-SRC-FX, noise is occurring output fromPG32-AES-FX, but- Only use AES input 1, 2, working correctly.- Use AES input 1,2,7,8, working correctly.- Use AES input 3,4,5,6, working correctly. Wordclock is input to PG32-AES-FX.PG16-8AE-SRC-FX indicator – NETPG16-8MI-8LI-TP indicator – SANE Our engineer measured AES signals both of input and output, butthere was no error.We also tried to ground check. It seems input circuit or network of PG16-8AE-SRC-FX is fault.
Reply from ProGrid Engineering:Thisseems like a bug of SRC device which was fixed in 2.21.025 firmware, which can bedownloaded here: http://www.optocore.com/software/25RIO6/Optocore_Firmware_2_21_025.zip
First of all they should upgrade PG16-8AE-SRC-FX, there is no need to upgradeother devices nor software.
SRC means Sample Rate Converter -> this is special hardware version of AEScard for PG16 which features Sample Rate Convertion for inputs (you don't needto lock source devices connected to the PG16 via AES). Without SRC you wouldhave to use Word Clock for each AES connection.


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