ProGrid: Which ProGrid device carries Video

Is it possible to use in a single ProGrid device with different kinds of video signal? For example SD and HD in a same equipment?
Solution: The Broaman MUX-22 unit is used to carry video signals, it can carry 3G, SD and HD video. MUX-22 can carry Audio + Data + Video. ProGrid devices only carry Audio+DataThe MUX-22 has 4 video inputs and 4 video outputs. These are mappedone to one.
The MUX22's video I/O automatically detect the SDI formatbeing transported (3G, HD, SD).The MUX22 could for example transport 3G on channels 1 and 4and  HD on channel 3 and SD on channel 3 without any configuration.The MUX22 transports the signal it is given. There isno scaling or format  conversion in the MUX22 
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