Broaman: Can the Optocore MUX-22 be used to connect the NEW Freespeak II 2 Splitters (FSII-SPL) to the Base?

It is possible to use the Optocore MUX-22s AUX ports to send the FS-II  FSII-SPL splitter  fiber across. It is also possible to connect 2x  FSII-SPLs over the MUX-22s AUX ports. 
For this to work the single mode SFPs, HLI-SMFO must be used. If other SFPs are used the wavelength must be 1310.
Be sure to turn off dip switch 6 to activate local sync on on the FSII-SPL splitter that is remote from the base.
See Example setup below
1. On the bottom MUX-22  AUX port connect a fibre patch cable to the FSII BASE2 antenna-fiber port. (make sure the FSII Base SFP = single mode @ 1310)
2. on the top / remote MUX-22 AUX port connect a fibre patch cable to the FSII-SPL  antenna-fiber port. (make sure the FSII-SPL SFP = single mode @ 1310) connect . Set the FSII-SPL to generate local sync to the remote antennas

The MUX-22s are connected and programmed as usual:

The fibers for the splitter(s) are routed through the AUX ports:

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