Optocore: How do I enable my Optocore unit to pass Ethernet data

Question: I have my Optocore units setup to connect Clear-Com panels over fibre. I noticed that on the Optocore units there are a couple of LAN ports. Can I use these LAN ports?
Answer: Yes you can use these LAN ports. The LAN ports on the Optoroce units act like a two-port Ethernet switch, so they will carry any data you port into them. They do not provide router functions or DHCP.
There are a couple of ways to enable Ethernet:
2. Enable ETHERNET flag
3. Ensure that LOCAL ETHERNET flag is enabled on each intercom box (by enteringthe SETUP for each device)
4. Exit the CONFIGURATION dialogue by pressing OK
5. Do the ACTION/SEND ALL command - it will send the configuration to all ofthe devices connected by fibre.
When connected to the Optocore unit via the front USB cable Navigate to the local settings menu and enable "local Ethernet" on the units