Optocore: What type of fiber cable / connectors are supported by Optocore V3R-FX / X6R-FX interfaces?

Question:  I'm installing two X6R-FX interfaces onsite for an Eclipse intercom system to support the remote connection of four V-Series panels.  Can you advise me what type of fiber cable to run, specifically what type of connectors does the Optocore interface use for fiber connections and how far can I run the fiber between the two interface units? 

Answer:  The dual optical LINK-interfaces are equipped with duplex LC connectors on commonly used SFP transceivers to provide redundant fiber links between optocore interfaces.
Optocore fiber transceivers are normally supplied as mulitmode transceivers. Standard LC cables with two fibers can be used. Worst case reach is 700 m with multimode transceivers and 50/125 fiber. 
For additional cost the Optocore interfaces can be supplied with mono mode transceivers, with monomode transceivers and 9/125 fiber, up to 70 km are possible.
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