ProGrid: Can I use a PG4-INTERCOM-485-FXM for Clear-Com panels

No, it is not advisable to use the PG4-INTERCOM-485-FXM as Clear-Com panels use balanced RS-422 data for label display and key operation. We recommend the use of the PG4-INTERCOM-CC-FXM instead. 
  • PG4-INTERCOM-485-FXM is for RTS / Telex Intercom panels (provides RS485 data)
  • PG4-INTERCOM-444-FXM provides 444 is 4 Line In, 4 Line Out, 4 GPI, 4 GPO.
  • PG4-INTERCOM-CC-FXM is for Clear-Com intercom panels (provides RS422 data)

Please use the correct product for the correct intercom manufacturer, and if in doubt, contact your local sales representative.