Broaman: OB Van to Studio video link , need 8x Video In/out and some audio

Customer is looking for the following link between a OB Van and Studio It must have  two frames with  : ·       8 SD/HD IN  8 SD/HD OUT ·        4 IN + 4 OUT  AA·        2  MADI port·        3 Ethernet·       4 AES no video routing is routing is required , just point to point video link 
Using standard ProGrid / BroaMan devices Each end of the link will have 2x MUX-22-CC1xPG2-MADI-F-FXS1xPG16-8LI/8LO-TP
Each MUX-22 : provides 4 video in/out , as well as 4x RJ45 intercom panel ports , Ethernet portsEach PG-2-MADI: provides 2 madi ports (128 chnls), Ethernet ports
The TP device can be connected by SANE to PG2, it adds not only analog audio I/Obut also AES (there are 32 AES channels - 16 pairs - on single TP device).
Visit Clear-Com website for more details on ProGrid and BroaMan devices