ProGrid: Can I connected a ProGrid Madi box to a Sound console and have a mix of Mic and Madi chnls

This is just an application example Console <madi PG-Madi unit (set to special mode) ><optocore ring> <PG-AES or Line in unit>  Will the console see the AES input or the Line level inputas mic amp ? or will it see it as plain madi chnl ?  Also when set to special mode is the PG-madi box lookinglike 48 mic amps or can I select 16 mic amps and the rest of the madi stream tothe console to be normal I/O lines? 
Solution:You need to differentiate two settings - audio channel mapping andEmulation Mode (special mode) mapping. 
When you make Emulation Mode mapping it makes sense tomap microphone inputs only. However Emulation Mode mapping does not change theaudio patch - you have to patch audio accordingly. 
For audio patch it makessense to match the Emualtion Mode mapping with mic inputs, but all other inputscan be patched as well and they will be seen in the console as mic inputs, butthere will be no control available which is fine for AES or Line In.