ProGrid: Can I connect a ProGrid device to a Studer console direclty

To interconnect ProGrid to Studer, should we need any specific interface toinstall on the Studer console or just the default MADI Studer board, etc?
The standard Studer Madi card should work Progrid : Optocore, Studer and Soundcraft cooperated closely during thedevelopment of the PG2-MADI -F-FX to make it fully compatible with the opticalMADI ports of the Studer SCore Live DSP platform, which is implemented inStuder and Soundcraft digital console systems for connecting stage boxes andlocal racks. If youare using it for mic pre-amp control then you will need to set the “specialmode”  in PG2-MADI -F-FX via the ProGrid config software . This will allowthe Studer to control upto 48 ProGrid mic amps on the Progrid fiber ring