Optocore: How do I configure a pair of Optocore V3R-FX interfaces to support up to four Matrix to Panel connections?

Question:  After installing a pair of Optocore V3R-FX interfaces to support four remote V-Panels on a Eclipse frame how do I setup the software to make the two Optocore units talk to one another?
Answer:  connect your PC to the first device via the USB on the front panel and set the ID to 1 connect via USB to the second device and set ID to 2 Cable up the 2 units via the Fibre connection On the rear of the Optocore unit that is connected to the panels - connect the V-panels (matrix comms connector) to the RJ45's labelled Panel using a straight CAT5 cable On the rear of the Optocore unit that is connected to the Eclipse matrix - MVX ports to the RJ45's labelled Matrix using a straight CAT5 cable 
Once the Optocore units are properly wired (PC to USB programming cable, Ethernet linking together for programming purposes, redundant LC fiber connections between the two units) the user can program both Optocore units to provide remote Matrix frame to V-Panel connections.  Open the Optocore v2.14 programming software and setup the following parameters:
a.  Select File --> Click on New
b.  Edit the Name of the new configuration (optional)
c.  Select "Set" from the menu bar and select "Configuration" from the drop down menu
d.  In the "Type" box select Optocore configuration, set sample rate to 48 kHz
e.  In the ID1 box select the Optocore device hardware (V3R-FX or X6R-FX)
f.  Select the number of inputs for ID1 (0 to 128)
g.  Repeat steps e and f for the ID2 device
h.  Select "OK to Write" if the USB connection is valid this will write the configuration to both devices
The remote panels should now be working with the Eclipse matrix frame. 
Attached below is the Optocore quick start guide which contains detailed information on product startup.
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PDF File Optocore_Quick_Start_Guide_Final.pdf Optocore_Quick_Start_Guide_Final.pdf

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