What dip switches on an RS-703 Belt Pack should be switched to emulate an RTS BP325 Belt Pack?

When you want to emulate an RTS BP-325, or if you want call signal to actuate on the RS-703 BP on both channels (in Clear-Com mode, the BP will only receive a call on the B channel). Remember that this mode can only be used when attaching the RS-703 BP to an RTS system or a Clear-Com device that can emulate RTS mode, such as HelixNEt, LQ, FreeSpeak II Base, and some others, but not native to the ENCORE product line.


  1. Loosen the set screw on the back of the Belt Pack (BP)

  2. In early models, the screw is a #1 Phillips Head and in recent ones, a #8 TORX Head

  3. Slide the metal clip 90 degrees to expose the dip switched

  4. With a small screwdriver or a metal pick, slide switch 8 to the down position

  5. Return the metal clip to the normal position and tighten the screw

NOTE: The picture below also has switches 5 & 9 turned to the down, or OFF position. This is for CALL ON TALK for both Channel A and B

(It is a good idea to use tape to mark that this BP is set to RTS mode in cases where it might be mixed with Clear-Com Mode BPs… or if, in a rental environment, it would need to be identified as such)