Interfacing LQ-SIP to an Eclipse frame.

To connect a SIP line to an Eclipse frame, an LQ is required to connect to the external SIP server. The LQ acts like another extension in the SIP phone system. Refer to this solution to see how to set up the LQ to SIP server connection.

Once that connection is made, it is necessary to connect the LQ to the Eclipse frame. The LQ will connect to an Eclipse IVC-32 or E-IPA card.

Start by creating the ports in the Eclipse frame. . Go to “cards and ports” and select the IVC or IPA card:


Click the green +Port symbol and drop down the port function and select “LQ Sip” Give the port a label ( extension numbers are commonly used as the label) On the right side, drop down IP port options and enter the user ID and optional password from the port settings screen of the LQ. Apply this to the frame.

Now, back a the LQ, go to the accounts tab, click the IVC icon on the left, and add the IVC-32 card or E-IPA card by clicking the green + sign at the top left. You can add multiple cards. Give the card a label used by the LQ and enter its IP address. Create channels by clicking the green + sign under “Ports Settings”. Create labels for each channel and assign it a user ID and optional password. The user ID and password has to match what was used in EHX to connect the channel.


As you add these LQ ports, you should see the green status light go on as shown above. If the light does not illuminate, check the IP address, username and password. Ensure the LQ and IVC are either on the same subnet or visible to each other over a routed network.

Almost done…..

Next, go to the LQ assignments tab:


Create directs ( not channels) by clicking the direct tab and the green + sign. The channel you are editing is circled by a thin orange box. From the left column, select the SIP line and press its white + sign, and it will move into the selected direct. Then select the IVC port and press its white + sign. The desired SIP line and IVC port should now be in the same box and look like the screen above. You now have a connection from the SIP server, through the LQ, and to the Eclipse frame.

The LQ-SIP port in the frame can be used just like any other telephone line, such as an IFB destination, or to connect to a panel or party line.

If you place the LQ-SIP label directly on a panel, you can dial out. To dial out, first activate the panel’s dial pad by pressing 1, then dial the number, then press the talk key for that line. It will auto dial the number when you press the key.












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