Configure SIP in the EHX Software

Program Card and Ports

  1. In the EHX software, navigate to Hardware > Cards and Ports.

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  2. Make a note of the User ID and Password for each port (exactly as in the EHX software). You will need it to enable the connection between the LQ unit and the matrix card.

  3. Set preferences. Select the Off Hook Tally (click checkbox) under Telephone Options if required.

Program Panels

  1. In the EHX software, navigate to Configuration > Panels.

    1. Normally for a telephone conversation you will assign a Talk and Listen to the panel key.

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  2. Click Apply Changes to Matrix when done.

NOTE: You can dial an external number using the panel keypad. For convenience, you can program a speed dial. See Chapter 17, Configuring audio and conference routing in the EHX Software User Guide for more information on setting up a speed dial.