Clear-Com 4wire to Hitachi CU-HD500 CCU 4wire

Pin-out information below for connecting a Clear-Com 4-wire port to a Hitachi CU-HD500 CCU Comm Channel (PD in this example)

Note: in order to connect and configure both channels (PD and ENG) separately, 2 discreet 4-wire ports are needed. 


Configure the CU-HD500 for 4-wire and Clear-Com Modes:

 On the CCU Mainframe main board, configure the following switches: 

  1. SW.1-No.6: Down for Clear-Com mode
  2. SW 18, 20: Left for 4-wire mode
  3. SW 19, 21: Down for 4-wire mode

Pin-out a cable per below. Connect, and test. 

FreeSpeak and HelixNet users:

If using FreeSpeak II or HelixNet

You may need to change the port function to "To Panel" 

**From the Web Interface, navigate to Device > Ports. Select the port, and choose Port Function: To Panel