Dante: Finding E-Dante IP address

Troubleshooting: Find E-Dante IP address
In most cases the E-Dante64-HX card will be discovered by Dante Controller and be available for configuration in the controller’s Routing page.
Cards that have been ‘misplaced’ and are not visible in the routing screen are those that have been configured with a static IP address that falls outside the subnet which the PC hosting the controller is on.

To remedy this you need to:
·       Find the card IP address in the Dante controller

·       Make sure both devices, the PC hosting the controller and the E-Dante64-HX card are on the same subnet

·       Access the card and reallocate IP as required. If the E-Dante card is on a different subnet to the PC, the card will not be visible in the routing screen, but will be available under Device Info where it will show with a red highlight. Note: Link local is a special case. A PC hosting the Dante Controller cannot see an E-Dante card that has an IP addressin the Link local range unless it is set to Link local itself.

See Find E-Dante IP PDF (attached) for more detailed information. 


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