Dante AES67 connects to AES67/ST2110 switcher(SG300-SG350)

If your AES67 network(SG-300/SG-350) is following some manufacturer referenced AES67 setting(For example LAWO), you may meet the Dante Controller has no Grandmaster clock and lost control.

please check the multicast Unregistered Multicast setting which may be “Filtering”


  • Shure suggests setting for Dante Multicast setting:



  • Merging suggested settings for the AES67 network.


Dante AES67 users have to add IP Multicast Groups :

Go in IP Multicast Group Address and click on Add.  Enter VLAN ID 1 and as IP Multicast Group Address.

Click on Apply, then select the Group and click on Details.

Set the ports connected to Dante devices (including the computer that hosts Dante Controller) to Static and click on Apply.

Repeat the same operation for addresses, and

(Example with Dante devices on port 9-10).