What version of Dante firmware supports ST2110-30


Date : July 2020

Following the release of EHX V12 . Clear-Com’s E-Dante card can be upgraded to support ST2110-30 and AES67 mode


Firmware version @ EHX V12

CC-App code






Audinate- Brooklyn II Combo 


  • requires a separate Audinate firmware tool

Audinate- App




Audintate Release note : Dante Controller v4.2.3.1 for Windows introduces Dante Updater, support for SMPTE 2110-30 RTP audio flows* for DDM-enrolled supporting devices (requires v4.2 firmware), and a range of bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Requires Dante Domain Manager (DDM) v1.1 and v4.2 device firmware. Please talk to your manufacturer regarding firmware availability.

visit the official Dante website :

Dante Controller , Audio Networking Software from Audinate | AV's Leading Technology


Known Issues: (from Audinate) Nov 2019

  • CM-1379: On a computer configured with two link-local network ports, devices don't initially display in Dante Controller. Workaround: restart Dante Controller.

  • CM-1401: On Windows computers configured with a large font size, the Dante Controller application starts partially off-screen. 

  • CM-1402: DDM interop: Dante Controller incorrectly allows enrolled Brooklyn II devices at v4.0.9.2 firmware to create AES67 flows. Workaround: Reboot the Brooklyn II device.

  • CM-1424: DDM interop: The 'Create Multicast Flow' dialog incorrectly reports support for 64 channels / flow for SMPTE configs that only support 8.

  • CM-1432: DDM interop: Dante Controller shows SMPTE clock domains 1, 2 and 3 as sample rate pull-up clock domains in the clocking status tab.