Partyline: I need to split off a TWC-10 interface to approximately 7 or 8 TW beltpacks, does Clear-Com make a device to support this?

Question:  I'm using a TWC-10 to feed out to approximately 8 TW beltpacks from a central location.  Does Clear-Com make a 3-pin XLR splitter to support this type of connection?  I saw the SP-3 splitter, but it only supports up to three TW beltpack feeds. I'm looking for a device that is rack mount if possible.

Answer:  Clear-Com only makes the SP-3 splitter which supports 1 input to 3 outputs.  They could be cascaded to provide more outputs, that is (4) SP-3s cascaded together could provide up to 9 outputs for the TW beltpacks. 

Another product available from Telex is the BOP-1000 and the TW-7W, this provides one 3-pin XLR input and splits it out to 7 XLR outputs and provides a 1RU rack mount capability.  See picture below of Telex product:
BOP-1000 rack mount, it supports up to 2 TW-7W splitter assemblies:

TW-7W 1input to 7 output 3-pin XLR splitter:


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