How to Dial into a Microsoft Teams Conference from LQ-SIP or Eclipse

When needing to connect to a Teams conference call, you will first need to ensure that your Teams account has a call-in number. The easiest way to know if you have this feature is by creating a new Teams call within Outlook calendar. Below the link for the conference you will find a call-in number and conference room access number.

If you don’t have this feature, contact your IT administrator and ask that they turn this feature on. The license is called “Audio Conferencing”

If you have this license, then the easiest way to dial in from an LQ is copy and paste the unique conference information directly into the LQ’s CCM. ]

Please note that for this to work, your LQ needs to already be connected to a SIP server, either on-site or remote. For more information on the types of SIP servers you can connect to, click here.


  • Log in to the LQ CCM

  • Go to the Assignments page

  • On the left side you should see the SIP line, click it

  • Click on the SIP Icon under the channel

  • In the popup for dialing out, paste the phone number and conference number into the screen, include the commas and hashtag at the end

  • In Teams, you should see it pop up as a new attendee that you must let into the conference


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