How can I configure the Headset mic as the primary audio source on the 700-45/46 Touch Panel?

If the panel is only to be used with a headset then you can use the panel ‘cut’ switch to cut the headset microphone. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go into the panel Set-up mode by holding the ‘Mode’ button down and at the same time rotating the Rotary Encoder.
  2. Once in the set-up menu, select Audio > Mic> Microphone Source page. If you set the source from ‘Internal’ to ‘Headphone’ this will then make the headset mic the primary source rather than the goose-neck mic. Click ‘next’ and make sure the Internal Mic type is set to ‘Dynamic’ if the headset mic is a dynamic microphone type.

  3. Now the Headset microphone will be the panel audio source. In Gateway set the ‘cut’ switch to be a Mic cut and Loudspeaker cut (if required). See the image below.

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