Troubleshooting articles

Why is the channel indicator flashing greenGraham BalchinApr 27, 2020
How do I check the MentorXL battery voltage?Thomas StartupJul 20, 2018
How do I set the MentorXL to act as an NTP server?Thomas StartupJul 20, 2018
Why is my NTP time not synced?Thomas StartupJul 20, 2018
Can I have a GPS and genlock input at the same time?Thomas StartupJul 20, 2018
Why is my MentorXL not saving its settings?Thomas StartupJul 20, 2018
What frequencies are used in the HD Multiburst Test Pattern?Thomas StartupJul 20, 2018
What is the default login for the Vector web browser?Thomas StartupJul 20, 2018

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