Partyline: Short LED is flashing red on my MS-702/MS-704


The Short LED is flashing on my mainstation.

This condition is indicative of either a short-circuit or an overload on the Encore Partyline Channel(s).

  • Shorts are normally caused by miswiring or damaged cables.

  • Overloads are generally caused by connecting too many beltpacks and stations to an intercom line.

  • In this condition, the mainstation’s protection circuit kicks in and cuts off DC power supply to the affected intercom channel/line.


  1. Unplug all the XLR cables connected to the rear of the MS-704.

  2. Confirm if this causes its red “short” light to stop flashing.

    1. If Yes, this indicates that there is a short along that line.

      1. Normally, the flashing condition is due to a short between Pin 1 (Ground) and Pin 2 (+30 VDC).

      2. Go to Step 3.

    2. If No, while all cables are still unplugged, power cycle the main station and observe for status of issue.

      1. If persistent, it is indicative of a hardware fault on the main station and should be sent in for service.

  3. Follow that XLR line and break it apart in several places while it is plugged into the station to isolate the section of line that is shorted.





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