Upgrading Helixnet system from V1 to V3


Known-Issue when upgrading from Helixnet v1 to v4

Helixnet version v1.0, v1.1, v2.0 endpoints use ports TCP/IP ports 8009 and 6000 for F/W upgrades

These ports were open in v 3.0 and 3.1, but closed in v4.0 and onwards


If upgrading from Helixnet version v1.0, v1.1, v2.0 endpoints must upgrade to v3.x before upgrading to 4.x and onwards

  1. make sure the firmware file is placed on the ROOT of a USB stick

  2. place the usb in to the HMS mainstation and upgrade via the front menu. The mainstation will upgrade it self first , reboot and then start to upgrade all the end points (betpacks, remote stations and speaker stations)

  3. leave the usb stick in the place all the time while the end points are being upgraded

  4. once the system is on v3 , then you can use the HMS CCM (web browser) or the USB method to upgrade to V4 or later.

  1. When upgrading from v1, v2 to V3 leave the usb stick in the place (on the HMS-4X)  all the time while the end points are being upgraded

  2. When upgrading to V4 or later from V3 - you have to send 2 files to the system. the main app xx.ccb and the beltpack app xx.ubifs.gz..

    1. Upgrade in this order 1st the xxx.ccb file and then 2nd the xx.ubifs.gz file.


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