LMC-64 not showing PPM meters in Dynam-EC


We can ping the LMC-64 card and confirmed it is on the correct LAN settings


Asked customer to check IP settings , subnets and firewall

After further testing it was found that the LMC-64 subnet value was not being set correctly in EHX and required a 2nd download of the map (red reset) following any changes to the subnet value.

  1. Set LMC-64 IP address and subnet
  2. Download config , system works ppms show up
  3. If you change the IP address and subnet again then download twice after the changes have been made.

The other issue was the LMC-64 the Metering Level indication stopped working after the customer started to use a new PC with EHX and Dynam-EC.


Check that when you install a new EHX and Dynam-EC is allowed through your firewall

  • On your on PC Go to firewall > Allow App or feature through windows firewall

  • Make sure that all 3 check boxes are ticked ON for Domain, Private, Public

see solution What default TCP/IP ports does Eclipse EHX V7.0 and later use? https://clear-com.atlassian.net/wiki/x/QUB3CQ



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