What is the depth of the HKB-2X


Question: I need to recess a HKB-2X into an existing fixture, structure or furniture. I understand that it uses US style OS-1 NEMA 4-Gang enclosure with mounting holes on the top and bottom.

How much depth do I need for the unit?


Answer: the HKB-2X is 2.4" / 61mm deep from the top of the external knobs to the edge of the internal chassis of the unit. The recessed part of the HKB-2X (from the edge of the faceplate which flushes to the surface) is 1.5" / 39mm deep which would be the very minimal practical clearance needed to flush mount the HKB-2X.

As the HKB-2X contains active electronics - with an associated heat load - it is recommended to allow for 2.1" / 53mm depth clearance for air circulation as well as the ease of installation of the unit and its cables.

see attached for 2D PDF/DWG dimensioned drawings of the HKB-2X.