Partyline: 4-wire / 2-wire intercom pin outs for Grass Valley LDK 4502 camera CCU

The Grass Valley LDK 4502 / 4503 / 4506 series camera CCU has provisions for both 2-wire and 4-wire intercom connections on the PROD and ENG channels.  In 2-wire mode this supports Clear-Com Encore and PL Pro intercom systems and in 4-wire mode this supports connections to Matrix +3, Eclipse and Eclipse HX MVX ports, Helixnet HMS-4X base station 4-wire modules, Tempest 4-wire ports and CellCom 4-wire ports. 
The diagram below shows the intercom connections to PROD and ENG IC channels in both 2-wire and 4-wire modes. 

The LDK 4502 / 4503 / 4506 user manual is attached below.
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PDF File LDK 4502 camera CCU.pdf LDK 4502 camera CCU.pdf

Apr 06, 2019 by Administrator