The Differnce between an LQ DIRECT and LQ TRUNK ports on an E-IPA card.

Starting with EHX Version 12, we have added some features. The LQ DIRECT functions, Shown in EHX’s IPA Port Function dropdown list as a Direct (LQ) is what was previously referred to as an “LQ”, which will connect to an LQ device via the network and be available to be included on that LQ’s channels and passed along to any endpoint connected to it.

An LQ TRUNK (Shown as a Trunk (LQ) in the EHX’s IPA port function dropdown) emulates, through an LQ direct in the attached LQ box, an MVX intelligent trunk, so you can go from the IPA card to an LQ to a Pico (or an MVX port on another matrix with no IPA card) and have an intelligent trunk. between the matrices. This emulates an MVX to MVX trunk, which, in that case, would require an AUDIO TURNAROUND CAT5e cable when doing that in the analog-only realm.  That cable would flip the blue and green pairs (pins 3 and 6 to pins 4 and 5 of the RJ45 connector).


So for the traditional LQ port function, use the DIRECT (LQ) and to emulate an MVX ports trunk to attach, via an LQ box’s DIRECT, use the TRUNK (LQ)


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