Agent IC on an iPhone - Local Wi-Fi connectivity issue

I am experiencing local area Wi-Fi network connection issue,

I found in the ClearCom Support Portal knowledge base this info :



Connection via public network IP is fine and works perfectly, but connection vial the local wi-fi is an issue. –

 I can confirm the follwing

iPhone was on v14 or a newer version of IOS.

I do not see the options listed as per the knowledge base article to allow connection for local networks



we did some more testing and found a solution. The issue was resolved by doing the following –


  1. Delete the app off the phone

  2. Restart the iPhone

  3. Install the app

  4. Select Profile 2 – and set it up for the local Wi-Fi network

  5. Confirm operation of Profile 2

  6. Select Profile 1 – and set it up for the external internet IP

  7. Confirm operation of Profile 1

  8. Now switching between the 2 profiles works perfectly


We are not sure if it is a case of reinstalling the app on the phone, or if the local Wi-Fi network must be set up first, or if profile 2 must be set up first, that sorted out the issue but the app is now working perfectly and switching between both profiles without issue.


this link is was helpful also :


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