Matrix: Agent IC on a local WIFI LAN will not connect if there is no internet connection.

It has been experienced on dedicated WIFI LANs for Agent IC that Agent IC will refuse to connect despite the iOS device being able to ping the IVC.
AgentIC will prompt the user that there is no data / internet connection.
The iOS device will be able to connect nicely to other Clear-Com devices via its web browser, such as CCM on LQ, HN, FSII etc.

The reason is that the WIFI router is reporting to the iOS device that it has no internet connection, which is absolutely true but not really relevant for the application of using a WiFi router for a closed LAN application or a customer demo over a LAN.
This will not be an issue on an iOS device that has another way to access the internet, such as a connection on a mobile phone.
To resolve this, head to iOS's SETTINGS - WiFi - Reconnect to the router and wait until the iOS device shows a webpage from the router complaining about the lack of an internet connection.  In this window press the CANCEL button in the upper right hand corner and select USE WITHOUT INTERNET.
You will now be able to use Agent IC on the LAN using a WiFi router.