How to Log an Iris Panel into its CCM (Browser-based GUI)

CCM Password for Iris Panels

When the panel is disconnected from the matrix, the mDNS address of the panel is displayed to the right of the Admin IP address on the front of the panel.

The mDNS address will look something like CC-IRIS-11YYP925.

The default CCM (Browser-based GUI) password are the 8 alphanumeric characters of the mDNS name (after 'CC-IRIS-'). Once you have logged in to the CCM, you will have the option to change the password.



Use any web browser and navigate to the IP address of the panel.

Log in with

Username: admin      

Password: (as described above)



Taking my panel above as an example. I navigate to the IP address of the panel (displayed on the front panel when disconnected)

A prompt will ask for credentials to access the panel.

I use:

Username: admin

Password: 11YYP925

and then click ‘OK’.

Additionally, once they are connected to the system, in the EHX software, go to Preferences, and in the SYSTEM ACCESS CODES TAB, change the CCM Password field at the bottom to ”admin” or whatever you want to password to be.

 This will change the password to any CCM-enabled device attached to the system to what you wrote in that field after you apply the map to the matrix.