How to use a second HRM for expansion for 8 keysets on a single HelixNet Panel


On the HelixNet HMS and Arcadia Central Station, you do have the capability to set up a HelixNet Remote Station (HRM) to be an expansion for another HRM Remote Station. This allows you to expand your comms from four channels or keysets to eight channels. To do this, you will enable the second HRM unit to act as a key expansion by using the “Expand to Host” Menu


See Helixnet Manual: Pg. 95


HelixNet units can be expanded to allow for visual monitoring and easy control of multiple Channels. Up to five devices (HMS-4X, HRM-4X) can be stacked in an Expansion Group, allowing for convenient observation and control of up to 24 Keysets. This gets rid of the need for multiple key presses and microphones. When using this type of connectivity, the Expanded panels act as extra keysets to the Host panel


For the Host device follow the steps below:


For the expansion, follow the steps below:

It is recommended you set up a second Role within the HMS or Arcadia for the expanded HRM so the keysets are different and remotely configurable, similar to what you see here in the Arcadia CCM



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