Matrix: How to connect a 2wire JVC CCU to Eclipse Median matrix

 Question: I have a Clearcom Eclipse-Median 80-Port Matrix populated with MVX-A16 cards, with the ports set up as 4-wire ports. I have a JVC RM-HP250DE Camera CCU which operates intercom with 2-Wire. The input to this JVC CCU needs to come from a 4-wire Audionics distribution unit your product code CAM-IF (supplied by Clearcom) and the output from the CCU goes to a 4-wire Audionics mixer unit (also supplied by Clearcom) Could you please recommend a way to wire/set this up so that the 4-wire Clearcom system can talk to the 2-wire JVC system without any interference or cross-talk? 
Answer: With regard to your question, normally we would recommend that if the CCU has a 4wire option then this would be the best way to interface with the matrix. I am not sure if JVC offers this particular CCU with a 4wire option but it maybe worth while asking them. If we have to use the 2wire connection then we will need to use a 2/4 wire converter unit 
In this case we would recommend using the IF4W4 product from Clear-Com. This will adapt 4 channels of 2w into 4 independent 4wire channels.Therefore 4 cameras can be converted to 4wire, if you are connecting more than 4 CCUs then additional units will be required
You will also need a Clear-Com MS-704 PSU module to power each IF4W4 unit.The IF4W4 would sit between the CCU and the CAM-IF (Audionics) mixer or you can wire the IF4W4 unit directly into the 4wire ports on the matrix. 
Here is a web link to the IF4W4 data sheet 
Please visit the Clear-Com solution finder (knowledge base). There are several solutions relating to how to interface the JVC CCU Use "JVC" as your keyword searchFind your answers at 
Here is a link to a specific JVC CCU solution from our solution finder 


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