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  1. In the Eclipse Software, the matrix IVC port is setup as LQ SIP.

  2. Create an IVC port in the LQ CCM to connect back to the Eclipse matrix IVC card.

  3. The LQ unit is setup as x. 2003 on the SIP server.

  4. A SIP phone is setup as x. 2005 on the SIP server.

  5. In the LQ CCM assign the LQ SIP port (x.2003) and the LQ IVC port into a Direct Channel.

  6. From the V-series panel select the HYB#1 key and dial '2005' (speed dial or keypad). The IVC card will send the dialed digits to the LQ unit which will dial x. 2005. Once the call is established audio will pass from x. 2005 to the LQ to the IVC to the panel.