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  1. Register the LQ unit to the SIP server. To do this, follow steps 1 - 4 in Program LQ-SIP standalone (LQ-SIP standalone section)

  2. Generate IVC matrix ports in the CCM. Navigate to the Accounts page of the CCM and define the IVC matrix card. Give the LQ unit the IP address of the Eclipse IVC matrix card.

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  3. How to find the Eclipse IVC card IP address in the EHX software. Right mouse click on the card and select properties

  4. Generate IVC ports. Give the LQ unit the Username and Password already set up in the EHX software. Assign port to an LQ unit to connect. Click image to enlarge/minimize

  5. When connection is successful you see a green connection light. If you see a yellow triangle, click this for information.

  6. Once assigned to an LQ unit, these ports are seen under the device icon on the left side of the Assignments page. Click image to enlarge/minimize

  7. Bring both ports together in a Direct Channel to connect and route audio sources.

  8. Once you have followed these steps you will be able to dial any external line that is available to your SIP server. you can dial in to your intercom system from an outside telephone, and dial out from your system using either a panel or the LQ CCM.


For how to use SIP calls on a panel see How to use SIP calls