Why is the channel indicator flashing green


From the CX web browser Status screen, why is the Status > Channels indicator flashing green?


The flashing green on the channel status would indicate a warning that one or more channels is miss-configured. If you open the ‘Channels’ page on the browser this should give you more of a clue as to the cause of the mismatch.


This could be a signal level being out of tolerance. Typically, this could be due to the output of the CX channel in question being either un-terminated or double terminated. The output of channel needs to see a 75 ohm termination. As a test if you connected a 75 ohm terminator directly to the CX channel output does the selected channel indicator now go green?


Alternatively, manually select the CX to changeover to channel B, if the channel A indicator now goes green and the channel B indicator goes red this would also suggest the channel output is un-terminated.

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