How to Update a FSII BaseII Firmware/Software

How to upgrade your FSII BaseII (newer model) with new firmware/software.


For the latest firmware, contact Clear-Com tech support to download the appropriate file.

You will first need to access your Base via the CCM.  To do this, use Chrome or Firefox web browser and type in the IP Address of your base.


If you don't know the IP address, go to your base and press "Menu".  With the volume knob of that window, scroll down to "Networking", then with the third volume knob scroll down to "IP Address", you should now see the address on the fourth screen.

The login and password for CCM is "admin" and "admin"


We recommend you do a backup of your configuration before doing the upgrade. This can be done from the Maintenance menu in the CCM.

Once logged in to the CCM:

  • Click the "Device" tab on the top

  • Make sure "General" box is selected, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and open the "Upgrade" drop down menu .
  • Click "Select File", and navigate to where your upgrade file is saved on your PC, select and open. The file is a .gz (compressed, file). Do not un-zip it, but load it as is.
  • The system will upload the new firmware to your base.  After some time the "Upgrade" button will highlight, click on it once it turns completely blue.

  • Once finished upgrading, the system will do a full power reset and should have your current configuration already installed.

It is recommended that you do another power reset of the base after it initializes from the upgrade.