Can I use FSII US/Canada beltpacs & transceivers in Europe?

Question: We're planning a production in Europe and would like to use our Freespeak equipment if possible.  I'm aware you have specific models intended for use in Europe and I'm wondering if using equipment intended for the US/Canada market is technically illegal in Europe.   We own beltpacks and transmitters both in 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz, so if one is more compatible in Europe than the other we could plan accordingly. 


Answer: 1.9 GHz is different in Europe so cannot use the US Transceivers, the beltpacks gets its settings from the transceiver so suggest acquiring or renting EU transceivers to use 1.9 GHz and use your existing base and beltpacks.

2.4 GHz uses the same frequencies globally so they can be used anywhere though technically the US version puts out more power and it does not have CE mark.

Suggest using the EU transceivers to guarantee they work,

With 2.4 Ghz being a more busy RF spectrum might run into more 2.4Ghz systems in the same venue with Wi-Fi and other devices including cell phones.

EU also has double the capacity than US in 1.9 GHz so less chance of interference from other 1.9 Ghz intercoms.



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