How to find the Full EHX Version number and the Eclipse Matrix’s Version’s Rack Code Number

We use an EHX Configuration System number to specify the exact specific version of the software (SW) and the Rack Code number to define which sub-version of an HX matrix firmware (FW) version an Eclipse matrix’s system is running. They must be compatible with each other.

So, if you are running EHX Version 12, we’d also need the Configuration System Number to show the sub-version for the EHX SW, and the Rack code number is used to determine which Sub-version is used on the Matrix Hardware’s FW.  Again,  these numbers need to be compatible with each other, so if you need the FW for the Eclipse matrix, we may ask which version of EHX SW you have, or if you need the EHX SW sent to you, we’d ask what the Rack Code is so we can get you the correct SW for that matrix.


If you go to their PC that might still have the EHX SW installed on it, go to the top of the page and use the HELP dropdown menu, and select ABOUT.  It will tell you the version and (very important) the EHX CONFIGURATION SYSTEM Number. That number will let your Clear-Com Support person know exactly which version of the SW you’d need to receive to place on another PC, or which version of Matrix FW would be compatible with this SW. 

If that is not possible, go to the matrix itself.   On the active CPU card (the one most likely in the P2 slot, with the most LEDs lit up) and hit the ENG button on the card.  It will scroll through the Version, the IP Address, The Subnet Mask, and then the MATRIX (2) … will show that Configuration System #.

  The ENG button is the middle blue button on the active CPU card. 


You can also get it from the Matrix Event Log found in the Diagnostic Area on the left column of the EHX SW.

Click the PLAY button in the upper right-hand side of the page and next to that, the REQUEST INFO button. 


A Request Information window will open and you will select the MATRIX OVERVIEW (selected automatically) and hit the SEND button on the bottom Right.

 On line 10 (or near there), you will see the “Rack” number (in this case   That is the number we need to determine what EHX SW you will need.

So, in summary, there are several ways to look up this number.

If you have any questions, please write to or call Tech Support for further information.