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HelixNet uses the Arcadia's Management LAN, and it is not recommended to use a link local address for this LAN.  It may cause issues when trying to connect HelixNet devices, such as some devices not being able to find the Arcadia via name or IP.

Please note it is good practice to give HOST devices like Arcadia , FSII basestations, Matrices and IPA cards fixed static IP addresses and set the end points to DHCP mode , where a DHCP server will assign them the correct IP address

Do NOT set the static IP address of the HOST devices in any of the reserved IP ranges

See FAQ (and below) for restricted IP addresses FS Edge Base / Arcadia : What are the reserved IP address ranges?

See FAQ CCM for IP Transceiver, Iris Panel or IPA Won't Allow 172.23.x.x Subnet

See FAQ LQ IP Address Restricted

To make sure you are not using a link local address for the Management LAN Navigate to Hardware, Hardware>> Network, find the LAN that has Management Enabled and either set to a valid Static (non restricted) IP or Dynamic if your network has an active DHCP server or set to valid Static (non restricted) IP. See list below of restrictions under section 5.10.2 IP Rules.

Link Local addresses are caused by setting your LAN Mode to Dynamic AND not having an active DHCP server on your network.  This will cause your devices to default to a link local IP address,



Even if you do have an Active DHCP server, and want to use it to connect your HelixNet devices, which is a very quick and easy way to do it, we still recommend that you set your Management IP address to Static since this is the IP address used to connect to your Arcadia's CCM.