FSII IP transceiver troubleshooting tip

If you have a number of FSII IP transceivers or FSII Edge transceivers and one of them reports a problem or has mismatched firmware

you can follow these tips

  1. In EHX monitoring screen using the RPN number you can locate the IP address of the suspect antenna and then browse into the transceivers web page to complete a upgrade or grab service logs

  • enter the Transceivers IP address in to a web browser


2. Un-configure all other transceivers and leave only the one suspect antenna

In the example below 10x transceivers where stacked together as part of a bench test prior to installation.

EHX firmware had reported that one of the transceivers had the wrong firmware

All transceivers look alike from afar (solid yellow LEDs)


  • In EHX, remove all transceivers from the configuration: Transceivers - Detect IP TCVR - Select All – RedArrowDown, then Apply to Matrix. As a result, all of them will blink

  • Add the one of interest (result: Only that one, will go through the bootup sequence, and achieve Radio Lock, which is the solid yellow LED).

 At this stage, the user can now perform whatever action was desired on that specific unit (e.g. software update, identify the IP address, reset, change RF channels, Save Diagnostics, firmware report, etc.)