FreeSpeak II Base & Arcadia E1 Switch Over

Yes, it possible to do a Switch Over of base station. Follow the step below.

Step 1 :
Connecting them up is as follows in the system diagram below:
Register the FreeSpeak Beltpack at both base stations.

System Diagram

Step 2 :
Check Arcadia base station and FreeSpeak II base station. System ID on CCM Both IDs have to be the same. As the picture shown below shows,

Arcadia Base Station

The base stations should have different system ID numbers if multiple systems are co-located in the same RF area to prevent interference or beltpacks trying to connect to a different base station.

Step 3:
Try to see if your connected to Arcadia or FreeSpeak II . If it connected to one of them. Try and disconnect one FSII-TCVR. And it will switch over to another base station.As it recognises the ID from the other base station.

Different IDs will not automatically pair with the base station. You will need to restart the beltpack to log in to the other base station.




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