FSII E1 TCVR Cable Length Compensation setting with IPA in E1 mode

The connection from the E-IPA (E1 ports) to the FSII SPL must use fibre cabling

There are no copper SFPs that support the Clear-Com propriety E1 connection

With SFPs connections, and if one needs seamless roaming between FSII TCVR on E-QUE-HX via copper connections within same matrix frame, we will need to add cable length compensation on IPA as a minimum if all FSII-TCVR-xx ( “xx” being 19 or 24) are about same length of cable from FSII-SPL:

See attached pdf: FSII SPLITTER ANTENNA CABLE COMPENSATION OVER FIBRE for cable length compensation notes.


Note that with correct cable length compensation configured, one would have seamless roaming between E1 TCVRs among E-QUE-HX or IPA E1 mode.

But if under unforeseen circumstances should a FSII E1 TCVR be force to go offline (broken connections, pull cable, power off…etc), it might take couple of seconds before FSII-BP connects to another TCVR and resume 2-way audio.

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