FS-II: IP antennas not working on Cisco WS-2960CX-8PC-L

From a customer:

We were using FSII IP Antennas connected to CISCO WS-C3560CG-8PC-S switch and was working perfectly, however, for internal reasons, we decided to change the switch to a CISCO WS-2960CX-8PC-L. We configured the new switch the same way as the C350CG, but the antenna doesn’t work now.  


Are the IP antennas compatible with the Cisco WS-2960CX-8PC-L?


It's best to ask Cisco if the two units are the same, or what are differences there are.



From a quick look at the data sheet, the PoE power is lower on 2960 , the switching bandwidth and also the base firmware are different. They have different firmware levels not sure if 2960 support the full set of QoS, multicast routing , IGMP.


As always, you should reference the Clear-Com AoIP Network Recommendations when choosing switches and other network components: