Helixnet: HLI-ET2 module resetting


I' ve got a problem with the Helixnet GPO relay outputs. When I have the relay enabled on the channel call button and I go to make a call, it drops the ETH-network connection.


We seem to have found the fault.

What we found is,

It is the slot that the Ethernet module is in that is the problem. If we put the Ethernet module in the slot 3 ON ITS OWN. we still get the fault of it dropping off line. We can see the Ethernet module physically looses power (Watching LEDs on the module)

But, if we put the Ethernet module in slot ON ITS OWN, It works fine and never drops off line. But if we put it back in Slot 3 with other modules in Slot 1 and 2, it doesn't drop off line.

The problem was found to be a marginal clock signal on the main board.

  1. If a customer reports a problem with Helixnet ETH module losing connection.
  2. Please ask for log file / snapshot
  3. Ask them to swap the ETH module from slot 1 to slot 3 or visa-versa
Clear-Com have implemented a change to the main board for all units from June 2019 to fix the marginal clock signals


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