Wireless: How do I know if a FSII (E1) antenna / transceiver is receiving dect sync?

The FSII (E1) Antenna uses all 8 wires of the CAT5 cable on an E1 pin out when wired back to a splitter, base station or directly to an E-Que card.

Pin 1 TX Tip +ve

Pin 2 TX Ring –ve

Pin 3 DECT Sync +ve (For Cellcom/ FreeSpeak connection to Antennae)

Pin 4 RX Tip +ve

Pin 5 RX Ring –ve

Pin 6 DECT Sync –ve

Pin 7 GND

Pin 8 +12V (From base or splitter – No power from E-Que rear)


There is a chance that the CAT5 cabling/ patching could be wired wrongly, leading to a bad connection.


The Yellow LED on the antenna will be off if there is no E1 TX/RX signals.

If the yellow LED is giving a double blink, the antenna is in demo/ site survey mode.

If there is no power from the base station/ splitter/ E-Que card then the Green or Blue status LED will be off.

If the DECT sync wires (pin 3,6) are missing, the EHX & FSII-Base-II antenna diagnostic screen will now report that an Antenna has failed to sync with the DECT clock from the E-Que card/ base station and is instead using its own internal clock.