Free Speak: Can I power a FS II Base II with an external battery?

A customer wants to power a FS II Base II using a set of batteries and is asking if the base will power OK with said batteries.  The spec for the base II DC power supply is 12VDC.
Specs for the battery made by Blueshape (Model BV190HD):
Nominal Voltage: 14.8V

Operating Voltage range: 10.8 ~ 16.8 VDC

Nominal Capacity: 13.2Ah

Nominal Energy: 190Wh

Max Continuous Discharge:12A

Max D_TAP combined output:  -20 ~ +60 Degrees C

Answer from Engineering:
The answer is NO, you can’t use this battery to power FSII Base directly. Reason for that: OLED Displays which getting power directly from external Power supply have absolute maximum voltage15V.  Our specified Power supply (453G032-2) has 12V +- 0.5%. There are many ways to make this battery work with our Base – regulate battery voltage down to 12V, but It should be done outside the Base Station.  
***Clear-Com does not condone this activity and will not take responsibility for any damage done to a Base.