Wireless: What functionality does a 7-pin XLR FSII beltpack provide?

The FSII 2.0 software / firmware release provides the user the option to incorporate a headset with a 7-pin XLR (XLR7)
on a FSII 1.9 or 2.4 GHz beltpack with 7-pin XLR in order to activate a PTT 1 or PTT 2 function via a logic trigger
activation.  You can use the Freespeak II Configuration Editor to assign destinations for each of the four beltpack
talk keys, A, B, C and D. If you are using a 7-pin headset, you can also configure the two press-to-talk buttons
(PTT1 and PTT2).

FSII beltpack 7-pin XLR connector pin outs:

In order to activate PTT 1 or PTT 2 the user will need to take PTT logic on pin 6 or pin 7 and
ground it to pin 3 via a switch closure. 
The FSII configuration editor is then used to assign the selected PTT to a talk destination. 

Logic 1 / 2 (PTT 1, PTT 2) can be configured as follows


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