Matrix: How do I manage EHX Go Live (Online) changes

Question:  Why do I get a checksum error sometimes, even after uploading the configuration from the matrix? I just want to pull everything from the matrix to be sure there haven’t been changes since the last save file I have. So I created a new project, added the matrix, uploading the config from the matrix. Then when I try to go online (System to EHX) I get a checksum error. I would think my config should exactly match the matrix at this point.

Answer:  Eclipse has two memory sections.
#1) Is the configuration file that you build in EHX and apply to the system. It is stored in flash style memory.
#2) Is the systems live memory and is intentionally not included in the configuration file. It is stored in battery backed NVRAM.
The live memory #2 supersedes what you have in the configuration file.

#1 is pretty obvious and most of our systems just run this. Make changes to the EHX configuration and apply for them to the system to take effect.
#2 includes things like the crosspoint that is made when you press a key in the system, your listen levels as set by the panel, I/O levels when set by panels etc. These are considered live dynamic changes.  Through the years this has been further enhanced and capabilities added to allow the user to do port/key/IFB/sort group assignments from panels or a dedicated assignment software or a third party automation controller in a dynamic workflow which is commonly used in TV Stations.  These live changes are considered local to the user and temporary as they are not made as a baseline configuration by the systems administrator. The system administrator can then wipe these changes out of the system selectively and be back to the baseline. This is done by in the APPLY CHANGES dialog by selecting OPTIONS.

One more thing that uses this memory is the EHX ONLINE mode. The EHX online mode allows you to assign a key to a panel or FSII-BP that takes an immediate effect without applying changes.  It uses the same mechanism as allowing user to assign a key locally at a panel and is in the systems #2 Live memory only, not the configuration. However saving the file (CTRL+S) will save the EHX ONLINE MODE change into the configuration and after the next APPLY CHANGES it will be permanently in #1, living in the frame and be available the next time you upload from the frame without touching the online mode at all. 

So what is likely happened?
Whoever had the system before you most likely made a key assignment while in EHX ONLINE mode and left it there.
If using online mode the previous operator should ideally have saved at the end of the day and applied changes to the system. Then you wouldn’t have seen the mismatch when you brought a new computer.

How to resolve the mismatch?
•    Upload the configuration from matrix (#1)
•    Enable ONLINE MODE (SYSTEM TO EHX) and allow it to suck the live memory from the frame (#2) and wait for it to turn green.
•    Save live changes to the configuration file – FILE – SAVE PROJECT or CTRL+S
•    Apply Changes and you should be in sync
If you didn’t care about the live memory you could always wipe the live changes (like the chief engineer in a TV station would do after the kids are done with his system). APPLY CHANGES dialog by selecting OPTIONS for what you want to wipe out.
Note: if using EHX 9.1, then the ONLINE mode has been  renamed to LIVE mode (to better explain what it does) and will include an option to automatically save the file every time you apply changes (default off). 
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