Matrix: How do I find the Dongle ID on an Eclipse Frame for passcode generation?

When requesting a passcode for PM Pro (Dynam-EC) or other Eclipse frame items and software, you will be required to provide the Dongle ID of the unit, here is how you can find that ID #.

You can find it by pushing the ENG button on your active CPU card on your large frame (Delta, Median or Omega matrix ...the Pico will be described later) and wait for it to display the HARDWARE ID. (It will first give you Version, IP information and FW info). This is the Dongle ID # we’ll need.

On an Eclipse Pico frame, Go to SYSTEM in the menu and then INFORMATION and then SYSTEM INFORMATION and look for the ID #.

You can also find the Dongle ID in EHX software on all matrices by going to the MATRIX EVENT LOG (found in the diagnostic area). Once there, click the play button (blue button with the white arrow in the upper right) and then click on GET INFO just next to the play button. When the next window opens up, select the default choice (top, highlighted choice) MATRIX OVERVIEW and click the SEND button on the lower right.  The HARDWARE ID # will show up on about the 8th line.

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